100Fengxiang's Stories

100Fengxiang's Stories

Published by 2020-10-08

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate the National Day!

The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early years of the Tang Dynasty and prevailed in the Song Dynasty. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has become one of the traditional Chinese festivals as famous...

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Published by 2020-09-27

Sweet corn processing automatic production line has a daily output of 10 tons

Since the market reform, the deep processing industry in developing countries has ushered in a golden period of development. As a food raw material, corn has a huge processing market, but the corn pro...

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Published by 2020-09-21

Fengxiang construction activity—— Only by braving the challenges can we make a breakthrough of our ego

In order to establish team spirit, enhance team cohesion, encourage employees to work hard and achieve the company's common goals, our company carries out team building activities. Badminto...

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Published by 2020-09-08

How to make pomegranate juice with anti-cancer effect better?

Experts once pointed out that pomegranate juice has an antioxidant effect and is one of the foods for cancer prevention. Its anti-cancer effect is three or four times higher than that of red wine and ...

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Published by 2020-08-31

Equipment maintenance and maintenance methods you need to know

The content of equipment maintenance is to keep the equipment clean, tidy, well lubricated, and safe to operate, including tightening loose fasteners in time and adjusting the gaps of movable parts. I...

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Published by 2020-08-29

Demand for fish catering markets expands, fish processing equipment improves efficiency

Recently, the author found that fish diets are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and fish contains low fat and high protein. The chain stores that specialize in fish meals continue to exp...

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