100Fengxiang's Stories

100Fengxiang's Stories

Published by 2020-03-31

What are the advantages of dried mango dryers?

Dried mango is a snack made with mango. Dried mango has the effect of strengthening the stomach and strengthening the spleen and lowering cholesterol. It is a snack that people like very much in life....

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Published by 2020-03-27

Brainstorming, Feng Xiang is breaking through!

The catering equipment industry is constantly updated and developed, and our Fengxiang team must keep pace and not relax. Today, Feng Xiang once again gave us the opportunity to learn, let the sales t...

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Published by 2020-03-19

Nut processing brings qualitative changes to snack food companies?

According to relevant data, the market size of nut foods has ranked second in the scale of snack foods. The size of China's snack food market has reached 500 billion yuan in 2018 and is expected t...

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Published by 2020-03-13

Lobster is delicious but difficult to clean? Washing machine is a good helper

Slow Sales Of Lobster And Seafood Industry Suffers Recently, the restaurant industry has also been required to take a rest behind closed doors as people stay home. The seafood industry in Australia...

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Published by 2020-02-26

Sweet corn threshing turns into a hot product with double revenue

In this period of staying at home, people can't stop the pursuit of food. Many people have acquired new skills in gourmet cooking through online teaching, learning to make cakes, cooking corn, coo...

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Published by 2020-02-13

2020 Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. Annual Meeting

2019 has passed, and 2020, which is full of expectations, is coming to us. The new year brings new goals and hopes. Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a warm family. Every employee has witnesse...

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