100Fengxiang's Stories

100Fengxiang's Stories

Published by 2020-05-20

Vegetable processing line helps upgrade the fresh e-commerce industry!

  Summer is here Vegetable salad Fruit salad It's going to debut How to make a delicious salad quickly Vegetable processing production line Arrange for...

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Published by 2020-05-14

Fengxiang cooperated with Nanyao project to introduce greengage deep processing equipment

The Guangdong Songchun Pharmaceutical Project will become a comprehensive development center on the theme of Southern Medicine, which integrates the cultivation of southwestern Guangdong medicine ...

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Published by 2020-04-28

Pineapple peeled automatically in just 10 seconds

It's summer, and it's season for pineapples to go on sale again! Fruit salads, pineapple juice, pineapple desserts, etc. can smell the pineapple fragrance across the screen! When eating pineap...

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Published by 2020-04-25

How does machine peel the pineapple quickly?

Now it is the harvest season of pineapples and pineapples, they can be seen everywhere, the fragrance is overflowing, sweet and pleasant. With the continuous improvement of people's living standar...

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Published by 2020-04-18

Heat mixing tank makes the tomato paste deep processing

Consumers always like old and new? They also have a "stubborn oneness" side. In the sauce industry, you will definitely know ketchup. It is said that 96% of American households have at least...

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Published by 2020-04-10

March Competition-Online Force To Win Business Opportunities

With the resumption of production and production, the market gradually recovered from a downturn. Our company is facing the current survival problems of the catering equipment industry, vigorously...

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