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What makes the catering industry achieve 300 tons of vegetables processing daily

0 Published by 2019-12-24 09:01:36

In recent years, people's consumption concepts have gradually changed, and they are more willing to spend money on fresh food. Therefore, the label of pure vegetable processing has gradually entered the public's perspective.

Many catering chains and unit canteens today face an urgent problem. The large amount of food processing, the limited working environment, the high mobility of employees and the messy post-cooking situation have greatly resulted in the slow production efficiency and non-crowded operation. In addition, Mingzhu bright stove is a new trend in the development of the catering industry. Consumers pay more attention to the cleanliness of the back kitchen. Faced with large-scale and high-volume demand, the net vegetable processing market holds great potential for development in the future.

So, what is the concept of pure vegetable processing?

Vegetable processing generally includes multiple processes including detection, classification and selection, washing, draining, air-drying, cutting, fresh-keeping, dehydration, sterilization, packaging, sealing, and refrigeration.

The Advantage of Vegetable Processing Line 

However, some people may wonder, aren't so many machines taking up a lot of space? In fact, a net vegetable production line can be customized according to specific needs, and an ideal location can be designed in a limited space. This can reduce the space of the back kitchen and increase the passenger flow area. Secondly, some people will hesitate to mechanize the processing of food, worrying that the machine will damage the ingredients or be prone to failure. With the continuous progress of mechanical automation technology, more and more machines have been widely used. As long as the machine parameters and configurations are set in advance, the entire production line will complete the tasks automatically and orderly without damaging the organizational structure of the ingredients. Of course, the pre-processing of food ingredients needs to be selected and inspected by the staff, but with the help of the machine, the production efficiency has been unprecedentedly improved, a lot of manpower has been saved, and the cost of catering operations has been greatly reduced.

How does the Vegetable Processing Work?

Vegetables use green vegetables as raw materials and undergo semi-automated processing, which can meet the sanitary requirements of direct cooking and raw food. It has the characteristics of safety, nutrition, freshness, hygiene and convenience. Among them, in the cleaning process, a bubble washing machine is mainly used, and the principle of water flow and scouring is used to prevent the vegetables from being damaged during the entire washing process, thereby completely removing the sediment and other impurities in the material, which largely protects the Vegetable integrity and suitable for a variety of vegetables. In addition, ultrasonic or ozone advanced technology can be used to achieve the sterilization and disinfection of vegetables, so that safe, healthy and convenient cooking dishes are presented to consumers. After the vegetables are washed, they will enter the cutting process, which requires the assistance of cutting equipment. In the past two years, the domestic clean vegetable processing technology has developed rapidly, and the vegetable cutting equipment can also realize multi-functional processing such as slicing, cutting, slicing, and dicing.

In addition, fresh preservation is also a link that cannot be ignored in the pure vegetable processing industry. For fresh vegetables, we must first choose the right packaging machine. As the processing technology becomes more abundant, the types of packaging machines are also becoming more diverse. Most net food companies use vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging methods to prevent oxidative mildew, spoilage, and moisture resistance of food ingredients to extend the shelf life.

As we all know, the market for clean vegetable processing has a bright future. The listing of clean vegetables not only improves the level of vegetable food safety, but also liberates labor. It is worth mentioning that net vegetable processing equipment manufacturers continue to innovate and upgrade net vegetable equipment, integrate intelligence, more flexibly adapt to net vegetable market processing needs, and win more market competitive advantages.

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