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Equipment maintenance and maintenance methods you need to know

0 Published by 2020-08-31 17:37:56

The content of equipment maintenance is to keep the equipment clean, tidy, well lubricated, and safe to operate, including tightening loose fasteners in time and adjusting the gaps of movable parts. In short, it means "cleaning, lubricating, tightening, adjusting, anticorrosive" cross operation method. Practice has proved that the life of the equipment is largely determined by the quality of maintenance. Maintenance is divided into daily maintenance, primary maintenance, secondary maintenance, and tertiary maintenance according to the workload and difficulty.

Routine maintenance is also called routine maintenance. The main contents are: cleaning, lubricating, tightening loose parts, and checking the integrity of parts and components. This kind of maintenance items and parts are few, most of them are outside the equipment.

The main content of the first-level maintenance is: general tightening, cleaning, lubrication, tightening, and partial adjustments. Routine maintenance and primary maintenance are generally undertaken by operators.

Secondary maintenance, the main content includes internal cleaning, lubrication, partial disintegration inspection and adjustment.

The three-level maintenance is mainly to inspect and adjust the disassembly of the main part of the equipment, and replace the parts that reach the specified wear limit when necessary. In addition, it is necessary to measure, appraise and record the wear of main components. The secondary maintenance and the tertiary maintenance are generally undertaken by full-time maintenance workers with the participation of operators.

Marx said: "The machine must be scrubbed frequently. This is an additional labor. Without this additional labor, the machine will become unusable." Comrade Chen Yun also pointed out: "Enterprises must maintain equipment, especially key equipment, Four nines do not work, you must be foolproof." Do a good job of equipment maintenance, timely deal with various problems that occur at any time, and improve the operating conditions of the equipment to prevent problems before they occur and avoid undue losses.

Practice has proved that the life of the equipment is largely determined by the degree of maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of equipment must be compulsory, and inspections must be strictly supervised, emphasizing the principle of "prevention first and maintenance as the foundation".

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