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Demand for fish catering markets expands, fish processing equipment improves efficiency

0 Published by 2020-08-29 09:01:41

Recently, the author found that fish diets are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and fish contains low fat and high protein. The chain stores that specialize in fish meals continue to expand, and the dishes are endless, such as sashimi, pickled fish, boiled fish, and fish porridge. With the increasing market demand for fish fillets, fish processing equipment has ushered in new opportunities.

Before cooking fish dishes, the fish needs to be deheaded, deboned, skinned and sliced. However, traditional hand-cutting of fish fillets is inefficient and laborious, prone to safety hazards, and cannot meet the huge demand at all. It is understood that the fish fillet machines currently on the market can process a variety of fish, with a high degree of automation, and safety and health are guaranteed.

Next, let us learn about these modern automated fish processing equipment ↓↓↓


Fish head removal machine

The fish head removal machine only needs to put the fish on the conveyor belt, adjust the cutting position according to the type and size of the fish, and can cut accurately and reduce the loss.

Fish head removal machine


Fish Filleting Machine

The knife belt cutting method is adopted. The knife belt is cut along the spine of the fish. You can choose to open two or one three pieces, which greatly improves the yield rate and easily removes the fish bones.

fish filleting machine


Peeling machine

Just put the boneless fish fillets on the conveyor belt, the fish skin can be automatically removed, the operation is simple and quick, and the skin removal rate is as high as 99%.

fish peeling machine


Fish slicing machine

The parameters are set through the touch screen, and the angle is arbitrarily adjusted from 15-90°, and the fish meat is cut into sliced products of specified thickness, which improves the consistency of quality.

fish slicing machine

The wide application of fish processing equipment meets the needs of the consumer market and greatly improves production efficiency and quality assurance. Cold fresh products and semi-finished vegetables using fresh fish as raw materials are constantly emerging on the market, and the fresh fish processing industry chain is gradually improving.

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