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Lobster is delicious but difficult to clean? Washing machine is a good helper

0 Published by 2020-03-13 12:00:36

Slow Sales Of Lobster And Seafood Industry Suffers

Recently, the restaurant industry has also been required to take a rest behind closed doors as people stay home. The seafood industry in Australia and New Zealand has also been hit hard. New Zealand exporters' 150 to 180 tons of live lobsters are slow to sell. The government department of the country has decided that some lobsters can be returned to the sea. What will happen to lobsters that cannot be returned to the sea?

As fresh food, long-distance transportation is not conducive to the preservation of crayfish, and it is easy to reduce the survival rate of crayfish. If the exporter cannot find a buyer in the short term, it will increase the loss of slow-moving seafood. The development and application of seafood processing has greatly increased the value of seafood and brought higher economic benefits to farmers.

Lobster Is Delicious But Difficult To Clean

Lobster is popular with people due to its delicious meat and high protein content, making it a must-try food on the table. But as we all know, delicious and difficult to clean make everyone love and hate it!

Lobster have a strong vitality and are relatively omnivorous freshwater animals in eating water grass, algae, aquatic insects, animal carcasses, etc. Due to the environment in which it is grown and the food it eats, the crayfish's head is full of excreta, parasites and bacteria.

So How To Clean The Lobster?

First, you need to feed in water for about 24 hours to allow the crayfish to spit out metabolites. In addition, use a brush to wash the mud on the body, remove the bowel line at the same time, and then wash thoroughly with water at least twice. However, lobster cleaning, steamed bread, tail removal, bowel removal, etc. are mostly manually processed. Manual labor is neither safe nor hygienic, and the efficiency of large-scale processing is still low.

The Lobster cleaning machine introduced by Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly uses ultrasonic cleaning technology, which can quickly remove the residue in the dead corner of materials. In addition, the machine also added ozone anti-virus function, which has a sterilizing effect on crayfish and eliminates parasites and bacteria. In addition, the fully intelligent one-touch operation from automatic water inlet, ozone sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning to automatic drainage, greatly saves labor costs and improves lobster cleaning efficiency.

Lobster meets new opportunities

With the resumption of production and production of a large number of enterprises, the sale of crayfish ushered in a turning point. Although the market is still in the doldrums, demand for seafood continues to increase. Sellers need to increase the processing value of lobster to fully meet market demand, and the problem of slow-moving seafood products may be resolved.


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