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November Awards Ceremony- Burn up, go all out!

0 Published by 2019-12-11 10:55:11

In a blink of an eye, November has passed, and in this month, our team is day and night in order to break through the goals. The company you pay for is in your eyes, and your payoff is in the harvest. Today, in order to express our hard work to everyone, we congratulate the elites in November!

Our company awards certificates and bonuses to the top three sales elites


In addition, our company provides a variety of related training for newcomers, so that new employees can get started quickly. In a short period of time, we have been well integrated into the big family, and we can feel that the newcomers are actively moving forward, actively contacting the development customers, and successfully issuing the first order! Congratulations on making persistent efforts and I believe that we will achieve better results in the near future!


In the applause and laughter, we saw the joy of winning the award, and felt the brilliant development of Fengxiang's catering equipment in the future! Among them, the team's cohesion and collaboration spirit are indispensable, allowing us to make progress together with the company and achieve great results. Take the certificate and honor that belongs to you today, and continue to be a load-free advancer tomorrow! Looking forward to the last month of 2019, everyone will be passionate and go all out!


Zhaoqing Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhaoqing Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional food processing machinery supplier integrating development, research, production, processing and sales. Fengxiang people will meet new challenges with full enthusiasm, excellent service and professional skills. Shows a tenacious sales spirit and always believes in "customer interests first", serving all new and old customers who need it!

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