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Nut processing brings qualitative changes to snack food companies?

0 Published by 2020-03-19 16:27:08

According to relevant data, the market size of nut foods has ranked second in the scale of snack foods. The size of China's snack food market has reached 500 billion yuan in 2018 and is expected to maintain a 10% growth rate in the next five years. Among them, nuts roasted food is expected to continue to increase at an annual growth rate of 15%.

The continuous expansion of the market also means the intensification of industry competition, and relevant companies need to start with product quality if they want to stand out from the vicious competition. In addition, the industry is undergoing rapid transformation and upgrading, and structural changes are also taking place in the products, which has also affected the nut production equipment.

Insiders said that in the future, the development of nuts will present three major trends: from shell to shelling; from single products to composites; from roughing to deep processing. Nut manufacturers need to cater to the market through product structure changes if they want to meet consumer demand. This has also brought new development directions to the nut processing equipment industry.

Most nuts have a shell on the outside. Peeling the nuts by hand is a pleasure, but you usually prefer the convenience of direct bite if you are busy with work. Therefore, for the equipment manufacturing industry in the upstream of the industry, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of nut shelling equipment. It is understood that although the technical level of domestic nut shelling equipment has improved, there are still problems such as unstable operation, low shelling rate, and high pulp damage rate that need to be improved.

Therefore, manufacturers need to reduce the rate of flesh damage and increase the stability of the equipment while increasing the shelling rate of the equipment. At the same time, the versatility of the equipment should be improved so that it can shell different types of nuts.

Fengxiang catering equipment has been researching the applicability of various equipment to catering enterprises, and has professionally developed, designed, and produced equipment for large and small canteens and various catering enterprises. With 13 years of R & D, design, and production capabilities, we have created more than 200 Fengxiang brand machines and continuously upgraded them. We have provided services to customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The Fengxiang YG-133 cashew nut peeler uses high-pressure air jet principle to remove the thin film of cashew nut epidermis. In addition, users can cooperate with cashew screening machine to further screen peeled cashews.

The rise of the new retail model has laid the foundation for the rapid development of the nut food industry. Under the pressure of homogeneous market competition, the nut industry is about to enter a new stage of development. In the future, market competition in the nut industry is bound to intensify. If relevant companies want to stand out, they will need to use sorting equipment and vacuum packaging equipment to create high-quality products to present consumers with a higher level of tongue feast.

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