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What Price of Automatic Like Manual Cutter Potato Peeler Machine

0 Published by 2019-11-30 10:54:36

Today in the market of the food processing machinery industry, most potato peeler machine is brush cleaning and peeling machines. Through multiple rotating brushes working together, the finished potato product is constantly tumbling in it, so that the hair brush can repeatedly peel and clean the potato skin. However, with the continuous refinement of the customer's requirements for the technology, an alternative for potato peeler machine has emerged-a human hand knife potato peeler machine.

Human-like knife potato peeler machine is a new design and developed by our company. Potato peeler machine has large output and high efficiency. Potato peeler machine is an advanced equipment for peeling and cleaning potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro and other stem vegetables. The elevator automatically transports potatoes into the peeler, and uses the friction generated by centrifugal rotation to peel the ingredients.

potato peeler machine

potato peeler machine

Advantages of human-like knife potato peeler machine:

1) The human-like knife potato peeler machine is made of high-quality stainless steel 304, which is resistant to corrosion and practical, easy to clean and hygienic, and meets food safety and hygiene standards.
2) Imitation manual knife has a high peeling rate, low noise, multiple uses, and saves time.
3) Easy to operate, high output, low energy consumption, and high efficiency;
4) Fully automated human hand knife potato peeler, which can be connected to potato peeling and cleaning production lines for mass production.

potato peeler and washing production line

Seeing this, some people will ask what is the potato peeler machine price with a human hand knife? The potato peeler machine price is one of the questions that many people must ask when buying a human hand potato peeler machine . They want to know if the potato peeler machine price is within acceptable limits and if it is within budget. Fengxiang Catering Equipment is a professional food processing machinery company. It has provided thousands of customers with high-quality and suitable food processing machinery and a complete production line. The potato peeler machine price is still determined according to the customer's output, voltage, and other needs. Therefore, if you are interested in our human-like potato peeler machine price, you can send your demand to our mailbox. @ 188.com, we will quote according to your requirements, the hotline consultation phone: 13922621766.

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