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Vortex type vegetable washing machine-360° cleaning of vegetables and fruits

0 Published by 2021-01-25 15:02:51

Working Principle:

The vortex cleaning machine uses the natural principle of water tossing and scouring to keep vegetables from being damaged during the entire washing process, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning vegetables in the industrial standard process. It can be used for cleaning and removing impurities and draining materials. It is the machine of choice for central kitchen and clean vegetable processing!

Product Parameters:

Dimension(mm) Power(kw) Voltage(V) Capacity(kg/h)
3000*1000*1260 4.2 380 300-500

Machine Features:

•Integrated cleaning and draining

• 360° all-round cleaning

• The circulation of the entire waterway can achieve water saving and environmental protection

• 4 times the cleaning path, water flow direction can be adjusted

• Clean vegetable processing and distribution, the first choice for central kitchens

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