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What are the advantage of the automatic continuous dewatering machine?

0 Published by 2019-11-23 10:27:41

As food companies continue to develop, food processing technology brings us more delicious food. However, for food companies, how to make a better taste of the same food, food dehydrator machine is critical. Only by better removing the moisture on the surface of the food, the subsequent processing can fully highlight the characteristics of the food, and the food dehydrator machine can also prolong the preservation time of the food. Good foods certainly attract more consumers to buy, so the current food dehydrator machine is increasingly welcomed and used by food companies.

Commercial fully automatic continuous dewatering machine that sets parameters and starts the machine according to material properties. The machine rotates and the feed elevator transports the material to the dewatering machine and stops feeding. Dehydrate the material and slow down to discharge the material for a set period of time. After the dewatering machine has finished discharging, the feed elevator automatically works again and continues to feed. The automatic continuous commercial food dehydrator realizes the upper feeding-dehydration-brake-lower discharge of the machine.

commercial food dehydrator

What are the advantage of the automatic continuous commercial food dehydrator?


(1) Centrifugal dehydration method to remove the moisture on the surface, which is the necessary equipment for drying fruits, freeze-drying and juicing juice.
(2) Microcomputer PLC control, parameters can be set as needed, one button starts to stop running.
(3) Infinite loop work, fully automated, greatly improving production efficiency.
(4) The machine has large output and can be continuously dehydrated. It can be connected to the production line, reducing manpower and reducing production costs.
(5) High efficiency, low consumption, high dehydration rate, completely retaining all the nutrients of the ingredients.


In the current food industry, the application of food dehydrator machine is still very extensive. For example, some cooked products, such as French fries, dried fruit, dried meat, cup cakes, yogurt, crispy beans, crisp corn kernels and other snacks, will be mainly used in this fully automatic continuous commercial food dehydrator to achieve food processing. Dehydration effect. Only after passing the food dehydration equipment, can we produce the best delicious food better, and also extend the shelf life of the food.

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