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Fengxiang Officially Put Into Operation Vegetable Cutting and Cleaning Line for a Primary School Canteen

0 Published by 2019-10-09 11:24:21

In order to provide meals to students in a regular and quantitative manner, the school canteen is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of labor to reduce work efficiency.


Our company has customized a vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine processing line for a primary school canteen, which satisfies the customer's requirements on time and has received favorable feedback from customers.

vegetable cutting and washing machine processing line

The vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine production line consists of a multi-functional vegetable cutting machine and three vegetable washing machines. The connection between the machines is seamless, and the vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine processing process achieves zero waste.


The multi-function vegetable cutting machine has two-head work, which speeds up the cutting speed. The vegetables can be cut into slices, strips and diced, the shape is good, the color is good, and the freshness of the food is kept.


The cut vegetables are sprayed under a high-pressure bubble water bath to make the materials turn over in the water, effectively separating the sediment, impurities and dirt on the surface of the vegetables. The size of the water flow can be controlled, and the cleaned dirt is intercepted by the filter screen. The clean dishes are lifted by the conveyor belt into the next process, and are again sprayed and cleaned during the lifting process. During the work, the inlet pipe and the spray pipe are always supplied with water, so that the sewage in the tank is gradually replaced. Three times of cleaning can make the vegetables thoroughly clean and ensure the health and safety of the students.

The vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine production line is a good helper for the student canteen. The use of vegetable cutting machine and vegetable washing machine processing line has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced the amount of labor, increased the rate of clean vegetables, and reduced the production cost of canteens. At the same time, the processing links are standardized to ensure the cleanliness and nutrition of vegetables.

Fengxiang catering equipment has 13 years of industry experience, and has provided processing machinery for fruits and vegetables and fish meat for thousands of customers, such as large and medium school canteens, enterprise canteens, central kitchens, restaurant chains, clean vegetable distribution centers, and agricultural products enterprises. The entire production line saves them a lot of time, cost and manpower and improves efficiency. If you are interested, please contact us at +86 13922621766


Vegetable production line video from customer feedback: