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DUP-5000 High Spray Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Product Specification:

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DUP-5000 High Spray Washing Machine

 This is a large type washing machine with spray. We can customize different dimension to fit your requirement.



Dimension(mm): 4200 x 820 x 1200

Driving Power: 1.5kw

Top & Bottom Spray Power: 1.1kw x 2

Water Recycle Power: 0.25kw

Conveyor Width: 700mm

Guarantee: one year guarantee for whole machine except of wearing parts (blades, ect)




1. This machine is made of #304 stainless steel mash conveyor, with high-pressure water spray on top and under the conveyor, in order to wash and clean the whole piece of vegetables and fruits surface completely, without any damage.

2. It's suitable for those vegetables and fruits processing factories, agricultural and sideline products processing enterprise, herbal material processing factories.

3. The machine dimension can be customized according to different requirement.




It can be connected to the next processing steps like cutting, drying or packing in a whole processing line.


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