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Fengxiang FC-304C automatic pork beef ox tripe cooked raw meat cutter slicer machine

Product Specification:

  • Overall dimension : 1040*440*1280mm
  • Capacity : the thickness of the food can be adjust by required
  • Capacity : 500kg/h
  • Power : 1 hp
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Fengxiang FC-304C automatic pork beef ox tripe cooked raw meat cutter slicer machine


 meat slicing machine

Automatic cooked meat cutter this is an automatic meat cutter , it mainly use to cut the cooked meat material such as pork, beef , ox tripe and so on.

Easy to operate, this machine can be use to cut the meat into slice, strips. 




Button with protective cover

meat cutting machine

Conveyor belt material meets hygienic standards

beef cutting machine

Knives use high quality stainless steel

cutting machine

 Fininsh productions 

 Cooked Beef Jerky Slicer Machine


meat slicer

meat slicer

 deli meat cutting machine


Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional food processing machinery company and a supplier and manufacturer of fruit and vegetable processing machinery. It has 16 years of senior industry experience. Fengxiang has won a wide reputation with skilled engineers and excellent service teams, providing cost-effective processing machinery and a complete production line for thousands of food processing factory and kitchenware enterprises.


Fengxiang Food Machinery provides customers with food processing solutions, including vegetable cutting machine, vegetable washing machine, peeling machine, sorting machine, drying machine, frying machine, juicer machine, packaging machine, seafood processing equipment, meat processing equipment,etc. Fengxiang can customize products for customers on demand, please contact us for more details.


meat cutting slicing machine

form patty making machine

meat dicing machine

Frozen Meat Slicer

Patty Making Machine

Frozen Meat Dicing Machine


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