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Fengxiang FGB-180 Automatic Salmon Tilapia Fish Filleting Debone Processing Machine

Product Specification:

  • Type: Fish Filleting Machine
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 1.2kw
  • Transport Package: Standard Export Packing
  • Brand Name: Fengxiang
  • Origin: China
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Fengxiang FGB-180 Automatic Salmon Tilapia Fish Filleting Debone Processing Machine


This is An Industrial Automatic Fish Processing Filleting Machine. The knife can move according to the shape of the fish bones, so the filleting can be performed precisely. Fish Fillet Machine can splitting the fish into three pieces, one bone and two meat pieces and butterfly.
It is suitable to all kinds of fishs like salmon, tilapia, sooted mackerel, atka mackerel, pollack, cod and etc.. It is a good choice for food processing factory.

fish processing factory

Fish Filleting Machine

It's design features a unique cutting principle comprised of a combination of band knives and circular knives, ensuring very gentle processing of raw material and a clean cut, with maximum yield.


Detail Of Fish Filleting Machine:

Fish Filleting Slicing Machine

Fish Filleting Processing Machine


Some mechanical adjustments are required to optimize the yield and performance when processing different species, allowing processors to adjust and fine-tune the machine mechanically according to their needs

Finished Production:

fish filleting machine


Combination as a fish processing line
Fish Filleting Machine Line

Abnormal failure Cause and Solution
Equipment not working        1. Reason - Power not connected
2. Check - Check power connection status, plugs, etc.
3. Solution sequence and method Check the power supply, the switch is normal but the device does not work. It is possible that the line is disconnected or the motor is faulty, please consult a professional for inspection
conveyor belt reversal 1. Cause - The power connection is wrong.
2. Check - Swap any two of the three power cords
The split face is not clean.    1. Cause - Check the wear degree of the blade.
2. Check - replace the blade or grind the blade.
The conveyor belt is damaged. 1. Cause - The gap between the blade and the conveyor belt is too close.
2. Check check – adjust the clamping screw, adjust the gap between the blade and the conveyor belt, avoid conveying of damage.


fish peeling machine

fish cutting machine

fish filleting machine

GB-400 Fish Skin Peeling Machine


Fish Scaling Filleting Machine


FGB-168 Fish Debone Machine


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