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Potatoes Washing Air Drying And Sorting Processing Line

Product Specification:

  • Type: Washer, Sorting
  • Voltage: 220V/380V
  • Customized: Customized
  • Transport Package: Standard Export Packing
  • Brand Name: Fengxiang
  • Origin: China
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Potatoes Corn Carrot Washing Air Drying And Sorting Grading Processing Line

potato sorting grading machine


This production line is mainly for cleaning, dehydrating and grading potatoes. First, pour the potatoes into the cleaning machine to clean the material in all directions, and then transport the material to dehydrating machine with a brush cleaning, and then transport it to the sorting machine

Suitable for sorting grading processing of round and oval fruits and vegetables such as carrot, sweet corn, citrus, apple, grapefruit, navel orange, peach, pomegranate, garlic, etc

potato washing cleaning machine

potato washing cleaning machine

Sweet potato pretreatment, pretreatment and fine treatment. Batches of sweet potatoes are constantly rolling through the conveyor belt to remove the sediment on the surface of the product

potato grading sorting line

Sweet potato surface treatment. Upright spray soft-bristle cleaning system, with moderately soft and hard extra-long brushes to clean stubborn materials on the surface

potato grading sorting processing line

Dry sweet potatoes. Air-dry the remaining moisture on the surface of the sweet potato with a blower to dry the product and prolong the storage time.

potato sorting grading machine

Sweet corn sorting grading:

sweet corn sorting grading machine


Carrot sorting grading:

carrot sorting grading machine


sweet corn sheller washing processing line

salad cutting processing line

potato cleaning processing line

Sweet Corn Processing Line

 Salad Processing Line

Potato Cleaning Processing Line


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