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Large capacity industrial commercial crinkle wave shaped french fries cutting machine, potato chip cutting machine

Product Specification:

  • Type: Cutter
  • Voltage: 220V/380V
  • Power: 2HP
  • Customized: Customized
  • Transport Package: Standard Export Packing
  • Brand Name: Fengxiang
  • Origin: China
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Commercial Crinkle Wave Shaped French Fries Potato Chip Cutting Machine


potato chips crisp cutting making machine

crinkle french fries chip cutting machine

This french fries chips cutting machiine suitable for dices, shreds, and strips. Available for the dices, shreds, and strips of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, onions, potatoes, pineapples, taros, sweet potatoes, mangoes, apples, etc. It is also suitable for -4 ℃ frozen meat and sausages.

chip cutting machine
1. Cutting size can be adjusted.
2. The machine is of simple operation and easy cleaning. The blade is strong, hard and wearable.
3. We provide spart parts all year round. Therefore there is no need to concern about the replacement of the spart parts.

french fries cutting machine

potato chip cutting machine

crinkle chip cutting machine

french fries chip cutting machine


Trouble Cause Remedy
Abnormal noise and vibration Motor belt loose Adjust the motor belt
The machine cannot be started Door cover not closed Closing the door/side door
The machine cannot be started Dropped or loose wires Lock the wires
Abnormal noise and vibration Bearing damage / loose screws / drive belt loose Replace parts/tighten screws/adjust drive belt to proper tension
Poor appearance of processed raw materials Bad tool / broken tool Sharpen the tool / replace it with a new one
Machine door cover cannot be opened Electronic lock is locked Use the key of the electronic lock in the toolbox to unlock and then open the door


Dircuit diagram:


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Deep Frying Fryer Machine

Shredding Slicing Grater Machine

Cube Cutting Dicing Machine


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