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During the epidemic, we provided remote test and acceptance services.

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During the epidemic, Fengxiang provided remote test and acceptance services for foreign and foreign customers!



PT-2000 / Automatic lifting type fruit and vegetable blanching machine

We have prepared a variety of fruits for remote testing and acceptance for customers. The staff needs to demonstrate the process of cleaning, soaking, blanching, sterilization and disinfection of fruits through the blanching machine. The blanching machine is also a steam heating blanching machine. The outside of the box is equipped with a steam input automatic temperature control solenoid valve device, a manual steam input device and a temperature control detector, which can automatically adjust and keep the temperature within the suitable range. The maximum temperature we control is 80 ℃



Double channel de-cored beating machine

The motor is driven by a V-belt to make the scraper installed on the shaft rotate at a high speed, and the crushed fruit or raw fruit enters the machine through the feeding port, so that the material moves along the cylinder to the outlet end, and the moving trajectory is in a spiral shape. During the moving process, it is scraped by centrifugal force, the juice and flesh pass through the sieve hole and enter the next process, and the skin and seed core are discharged from the slag hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic separation, and finally make a smooth pulp.

According to the different raw materials, just change the screen mesh of different specifications and adjust the size of the lead angle of the scraper to change the different beating speed. It is recommended that the fruit be cut into blocks for better beating effect!

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