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Service for customers, we are always herer

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Service for customers, we are always herer

On April 26, the Fengxiang technical team came to a customer factory in Guangdong that has been cooperating for many year.
Carry out comprehensive maintenance on the production line that the customer is using.
Check each piece of equipment and spare parts to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly

The customer is a focus on sweet potatoes all industrial production and brand operation of supply chain, from the provenance, seedlings, planting, management to postpartum processing,

cleaning, classification, storage and so on to realize standardized production, with disposable, saccharification, high-temperature heal three core technology, standardization of sweet potato

with green, quality, safety and health for the purpose, committed to build ShuYe pilot brand in China. Produced by guangdong export base to Europe's main business for sale, sweet potato

exports Europe and the United States highly demanding.

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