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Autumn breeze rises—— How to make cured meat better?

0 Published by 2020-11-12 16:32:19

In China, there is a feeling of autumn and winter called "autumn breeze eats wax flavor". Cured meat  is named after the meat is salted and air-dried or smoke-dried in winter. It is one of Lingnan's traditional food culture.

Not only in the south, but also in the north. The difference is that in the south, marinated pork is mainly used, while the north is mainly marinated beef. Even the same variety has its own characteristics due to different production methods.

Regardless of whether it is the Cured meat in the South or the Lap Mei in the North, the preparation method requires the steps of cutting, seasoning, pickling, drying or smoking. However, the traditional manual processing methods have the disadvantages of low curing efficiency, long time, uneven saltiness and so on. Therefore, the taste and flavor of cured meat products are not good.

The appearance of Fengxiang bacon processing machine can improve the efficiency of meat curing, ensure even curing, and provide technical support for speeding up the taste of the product.

QW-21 large pork belly cutting machine

Machine introduction: This machine is a slicing machine and cutting machine specially designed for making bacon. The blade is made of imported knife steel with strong rigidity. The blade diameter is 32cm, which can cut very thick pork belly with skin.

Operation method: As long as you put a large piece of meat into the feeding port, you can cut out neat and beautiful meat strips, which meet the bacon processing standards, and facilitate the production of good taste and authentic bacon.

Fengxiang Vacuum Tumbler

Machine introduction: This machine uses the principle of physical impact under the vacuum state to make the meat roll up and down in the drum and collide with each other to achieve the effect of massage and pickling, so that the meat absorbs the pickles evenly, and improves the binding force of the meat and the elasticity of the product.

Features of the machine: This machine has lung breathing function, which allows the product to expand and shrink back and forth in the drum, improve the structure of the meat tissue, enhance water retention, and improve the internal structure of the product.

Meat processing machine collection

Fengxiang Meat Processing Machine

Fengxiang Meat Processing Machine

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