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Deep processing of citrus is as simple as that!

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As a seasonal fruit, citrus comes into everyone's sight. In the fruit market, good-quality and high-end citrus are generally sold directly in the form of fresh fruit, while the citrus juice, kumquat wine or canned oranges we usually buy are all processed and produced from citrus varieties with large yields and low prices. . After the kumquat is processed, the sales range is wider, and at the same time, the output value of the kumquat is greatly increased and the economic efficiency is improved. So, what fruit processing equipment is needed to turn ugly oranges into treasure?

Fengxiang orange processing machine

Roller type fruit sorting machine

The Fengxiang automatic fruit grading machine performs classification and screening according to different sizes of citrus, and the classification level can be adjusted. Various processed foods are sold after sorting, which greatly increases the added value of fruits.

Fengxiang fruit sorting machine

Belt type fruit sorting machine

The belt classifier mainly uses the gap between the PU belts to classify the fruits according to different sizes. The fruits fall into the receiving trough with an appropriate aperture and are discharged from the guide port without hurting the material. Suitable for catering companies, hotels, fruit processing plants, etc.

Fengxiang fruit sorting machine

Spray fruit washing sterilization machine

The spray fruit washing and sterilization machine is aimed at spray cleaning-disinfection-air drying of melons and fruits, effectively and softly cleaning, without damaging the materials. You can also wax materials, and one machine can extend the shelf life.

Spray fruit washing sterilization machine

Multifunction Fruit peeling cutting machine

The peeling and peeling citrus slicer has a high peeling rate and is suitable for stem fruits and vegetables. It has six functions, including peeling, end cutting, coring, slicing, separation and color protection.

Multifunction Fruit peeling cutting machine

Juice extractor machine

The screw crushing juicer is suitable for crushing and squeezing various fruits and vegetables. The juice extraction rate is very high, no residue and waste. It is an ideal equipment for industrial juice extraction.

Fengxiang Juice extractor machine

Fruit dryer machine

The two-door two-car dryer uses steam and electricity as a heat source and is heated by a heater. A large amount of hot air circulates in the tank through the hot air. After the fresh air is continuously replenished, it will enter the storage tank from the air inlet, and then be discharged continuously from the outlet, thereby improving the heat transfer effect. The water in the water tank gradually decreases.

Fengxiang Fruit dryer machine

Fresh fruit packaging machine

The weighing and lifting packaging machine uses an electronic weighing machine to accurately weigh according to the preset quantity and weight, and then the packaging machine recognizes the length of various vegetables and makes them into bags, so that the fruits and vegetables are directly packaged and sold.

Fresh fruit packaging machine

Citrus has been completely processed to produce different edible value products, which is completely new. It not only extends the fruit processing industry chain, but also forms a trend of deepening and high-end development. Businessmen must seize the opportunity!

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