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Guangzhou Exhibition: Fengxiang 2019 Guangzhou International Catering Expo

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Everyone set off early today, with bumps along the way with expectations. One of the unavoidable obstacles in entering the first-tier cities is traffic jams, although the traffic jams will not wipe out our mood of coming to the Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo.

Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo.

The expo was grandly held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo from December 12th to 14th, 2019. Our engineers have come to the exhibition one day in advance to arrange the machinery and scenes.

The exhibition provides a good business opportunity for hotels and restaurants related companies. Participating in the exhibition also allows us to exchange and learn more knowledge. After participating in the exhibition, everyone has benefited a lot. The first thing I felt when I entered the exhibition was that I was crowded, and I continued to go indoors. The exhibition was so big that I couldn't see the boundaries. The large and small company products and colorful company names came into my eyes. I was dazzled.

food processing machine

Going inside, suppliers, distributors and customers from all over the country and abroad are discussing the products, which is very lively. Over there, large and small vegetable washing machines, denuclearizers, and slicers ... full of people, took a closer look, it turned out to be the position of our Fengxiang Catering Equipment Co., Ltd., pineapple peeler, apple Peeling and cutting ring barrel core machine, potato cleaning and peeling machine ... These hot products of our company are on display at the exhibition, and customers from back and forth to consult are endless. Some stood in front of the product machine for consultation, and some sat down for a glass of water to talk in detail.

The two people who asked the most were the two small fruit and vegetable sterilizers and potato peelers.

The small fruit and vegetable disinfection and cleaning machine integrates automatic cleaning, water-saving treatment, ozone sterilization, activated carbon filtration, and degradation of residual pesticides in one environmental protection processing equipment. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, food factories and other units. The machine responds to environmental protection Themes and wide range of applications, so more customers consult and understand, is also our company's hot-selling products.

In addition, there is no shortage of users to visit and consult on automatic continuous dehydrators, plum pitting machines, etc. Continuous frying production lines, fruit and vegetable cleaning and dehydration production lines are also competing.

Another popular potato, vegetable and fruit peeling machine is suitable for cleaning and peeling of root, tuber, fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, fange, sweet potatoes, horseshoes, kiwi and other fruits and vegetables. Ingredients, high efficiency. It provides convenience for the processing of ingredients for major restaurant restaurants, canteens and other company units, saving time and effort.

food processing machine

During the exhibition, some customers said that they did not know that there were still so many convenient and fast catering equipments. In this way, through this exhibition we have found many potential customers and gained more attention and visibility. I hope that we can prepare better for the next exhibition, while attracting domestic customers, and also let foreign customers come to China to participate in the exhibition.

food processing machine

Finally, we thank our colleagues who worked hard to the end.


Company Profile:      

Since its establishment in early 2006, Fengxiang Catering Equipment has provided thousands of customers, such as canteens in universities and colleges, enterprise canteens, central kitchens, catering chain enterprises, clean vegetable distribution centers, and agricultural product enterprises, with a complete set of production lines for vegetables, fruits, and meat. For them, they have saved a lot of manpower, time, and improved efficiency. At the same time, they have joined hands with some domestic and foreign kitchenware enterprises and kitchen supporting enterprises to work together to solve the "food" problem.

Main business: Various vegetables and fruits, agricultural products cleaning, peeling, cutting, dehydration, drying and processing machinery; aquatic product cutting, peeling, chipping, dicing equipment; design planning of processing equipment for vegetables, fruits and agricultural products.

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