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Processing process of fruit and vegetable cutting, washing and air-drying production line

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The overall process of fruit and vegetable cutting and cleaning and air-drying production line: promotion-initial washing-manual trimming (automatic slag drainage)-up-down high-pressure washing-dripping air-drying transportation.


For crop products and fruits and vegetables with irregular shapes or special materials, such as Shaga, Mango, Pueraria, etc., a deep-processing pretreatment production line is required. Flowing operation and saving manpower can be designed according to customer requirements.

The washing machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. Water is used as the medium. Bubbles are formed by the strong-flow turbine fan to perform flexible cleaning of the material. During cleaning, spray pipes and nozzles are added to the upper part of the mesh belt, and the high-pressure water pump is used for cyclic spraying to effectively suppress the material floating and material cleaning. Cleaning materials.

The working principle of the air dryer: the material is transmitted through the mesh belt, and it is reversed three times to achieve the uniformity of the material and the wind. The food is cooled by the high pressure wind of 9-20 rows of blowers or the surface moisture is dried. The mouth is shaped like an air knife, which effectively improves the air pressure. The moisture on the surface of the material is blown away or evaporated in a short time, which is convenient for storage or deep processing.
Scope of application




Cleaning of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, aquatic products and Chinese herbal medicines, cleaning and decontamination of fruits and vegetables, removal of agricultural residues, cleaning of food packaging bags, and desalting of seafood.

There is no fixed data for the size of the equipment. It is produced according to customer needs.


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Since its establishment in early 2006, Fengxiang Catering Equipment has provided thousands of customers, such as canteens in universities and colleges, enterprise canteens, central kitchens, catering chain enterprises, clean vegetable distribution centers, and agricultural product enterprises, with a complete set of production lines for vegetable, fruit, and meat processing machinery. For them, they have saved a lot of manpower, time, and improved efficiency. At the same time, they have joined hands with some domestic and foreign kitchenware enterprises and kitchen supporting enterprises to work together to solve the "food" problem.

Main: Various vegetables and fruits, agricultural products cleaning, peeling, cutting, dehydration, drying and processing machinery; aquatic product cutting, peeling, chipping, dicing equipment; vegetable and fruit, agricultural product whole plant processing equipment design and planning.

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